Pavlo Danylchenko
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I have been devoting myself to solving the problems of the theory of relativity and cosmology for more than 20 years. I've received many interesting results. And I want to make these results available for all scientists. I have found the united nature of gravitational and thermodynamic properties of matter and have shown that equations of gravitational field of general relativity are the equations of spatially inhomogeneous thermodynamic state of matter (equations of gravithermodynamics). Being based on the united electromagnetic nature of all matter microobjects, I have proposed the spiral-wave models of all non-fictive elementary particles (positron, electron, muon and also quarks, which are confined by the singular surface, and other particles and antiparticles that consist of quarks). I have also shown that values of radial coordinates of distant astronomical objects are overstated. This takes place because astronomers don't take into account both relativistic anisotropy of luminous intensity of these objects and more rapid evolutionary decreasing of optical density of interstellar medium in far cosmological past. Therefore, there is no need in presence of "dark matter" and "dark energy" in the Universe.

I've found out the alternatives to the Big Bang of Universe and to the black holes. I've shown, that annihilation of matter and antimatter is the source of the quasars' energy and that gravitational waves are the phase waves (which don't transport energy) of the change of collective space-time state of matter and physical vacuum. And that's why these waves can propagate at supraluminal velocity.

World - Matter
Antiworld - Antimatter
Curved intrinsic space of the hollow astronomical body

Hollow astronomical body in eucledean fundamental (absolute) space

Unfortunately I've never studied English and so I can't guarantee the correctness of presentation of my thoughts in English. I'm very sorry, but the level of my translators' English is not good enough. Any remarks, which can help me to improve the level of English of my articles, will be very much appreciated.

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